I am currently planning to start maternity leave November 13th. The calendar (which can viewed during the checkout process) will reflect availability until that date. I will update with any changes as necessary. Thank you!

Gluten Free Dinner Rolls (9 Count)

Gluten Free Dinner Rolls (9 Count)

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Soft and fluffy yeasted dinner rolls. Classic, buttery and delicious!

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Free order pickup available Tuesday-Saturday. Please email nomemadegf@gmail.com if you are interested in delivery options. 


All ingredients and products are gluten free and celiac safe and made in my dedicated gluten free kitchen. I am registered under the Minnesota Cottage Food Law to bake out of my home in Woodbury. These foods are homemade and not subject to state inspection. Please place orders a minimum of 5 days in advance.

If a date is blacked out, I am fully booked or unavailable on that date. 


Contains milk, eggs

Storage instructions

Store in airtight container at room temperature. Best enjoyed in 1-2 days. Leftovers can be frozen then microwaved for 30-45 seconds before enjoying.